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philippe beer-gabel yogapop

Philippe Beer Gabel - Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Originally a musician and composer for over fifteen years, I discovered yoga in 2009, which became an important tool of personal development for me. I trained to become a yoga teacher after following The Artist’s Way, a cult book by Julia Cameron. I also went to Rishikesh, India and completed 200 hours Yoga Alliance training at Rishikul Yog Shala School in Hatha and Ashtanga. I was then fortunate enough to be able to train in Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark in Canada, then in Yoga Nidra with the wonderful Uma Dinsmore Tuli in Ireland. Now, I have the heart to teach these rare and valuable practices in France to allow everyone to explore their essence and deep interiority.

lauren mahan valls yogapop

Lauren Mahan Valls - Vinyasa Surf & Skate, Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

Originally from California, Lauren discovered yoga at 16 and then pursued her studies in psychology and holistic health to gain a more global view of health and wellness. She certified in Hatha Yoga and meditation (MBSR) and has been strongly influenced by her travels, notably in Japan. Lauren is now a professor of Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra. Always benevolent and enthusiastic, she carries an infectious smile throughout the studio and is passionate about the personal development of each of her students!

agathe bacou yoga

Agathe Bacou - Vinyasa

Agathe has practiced dance, tennis, running, hiking, cross fit and yoga to relieve stress, let off steam and push the limits of her body. After having experienced Hot Yoga, she finally turned to Vinyasa yoga, which allowed for more kindness towards the body as well as a calming of the mind. We move, we stretch, we breathe following the flow of energy brought by the group, without judgment or comparison. We test, we leave our comfort zone, we sometimes fall but we always laugh. She practiced intensively at Studio Gérard Arnaud to deepen certain aspects (alignment and anatomy) but also with Mathieu Boldron, Ola Jas and Coelia Pelletier, before leaving to train in India.

Lucie chea yogapop

Lucie Chea - Yin Yoga & Power Vinyasa

Lucie discovered yoga in Asia more than 10 years ago while working in the cosmetics industry. Its many benefits naturally encouraged her to invest more deeply in the practice of asanas and study the other branches of yoga. She then embarked on an apprenticeship which led her to follow training courses in Hong Kong, India, Indonesia and Europe. Certified in Hatha Yoga by the International Yoga Academy and in SUP Yoga by the Academy of Surfing Instructors, Lucie has taught in Hong Kong, Morocco, Portugal and France. She gives a particular attention to alignment and the fluidity of movement in coordination with the breath. She is inspired by her personal practice, her teachers and the knowledge acquired in other disciplines which she likes such as surfing, windsurfing and running.

déborah le bot yogapop

Déborah le Bot - Vinyasa & Hatha

I first went through medicine and then to osteopathy to better understand the inner workings of the human body. I then wanted to continue my path and learn the remedies and resources present in nature that help to reactivate the body, which led me to train in naturopathy. Driven by a genuine desire to understand unity, I finally went on to discover yoga. I am today a “human being” happy to be able to transmit, heal and guide my students towards more autonomy!

jeanne dumoulin yogapop

Jeanne Dumoulin - Hatha & Vinyasa

Initially specialized in luxury marketing, Jeanne discovered yoga in New York in 2001 and then moved to Shanghai where she learned several forms of yoga, such as Iyengar, Yin, Ashtanga and Vinyasa. At the end of 2017, she left China and her job to start a new, more meaningful life and went to northern Thailand to train in yoga under the supervision of Leah Sugerman and Jess Rose. She obtained her RYT 200H certification by Yoga Alliance in Hatha and Vinyasa. She then went to Rishikesh in India where she attended the Iyengar classes of Usha Devi. Now based in Bordeaux, she teaches at Yoga Pop and aims to bring balance and serenity to everyone on a daily basis.

prof de yoga yogapop bordeaux

Typhaine Lerichomme - Ashtanga & Yin

Athletic by nature, Typhaine practiced dance for several years and discovered yoga in London in 2001. She explored different practices such as Iyengar and discovered Ashtanga at the Samasthiti Studio in Paris in 2012. This was a revelation! She trained alongside Caroline Boulinguez and graduated from the EFAY / Yoga Alliance, then continued her training with Petri Raisanen, Mark Robberds and Gavid Guarrigues. In her lessons, she teaches traditional Ashtanga, paying particular attention to alignment, body awareness, kindness and good humor!

emmanuelle roques yogapop

Emmanuelle Roques - Méditation

Having left home for New York at 20 to discover the world, Emmanuelle Roques decided at 40 to explore yoga and meditation in order to explore the landscapes of interiority and its infinite beauty. Passionate about neuroscience research on neuroplasticity and contemplative sciences, she trained for more than 10 years in the practice of mindfulness meditation with Stéphane Faure. In 2015, she founded with him the Mindfulness Social Club which aims to support the development of mindfulness in society. Her vocation: “to create the change she wants for the world”, to align her head and her heart in order to continue to evolve and explore ever further, always closer.

vivien prida yogapop

Vivien Prida - Hatha & Vinyasa

After several years of practicing martial arts, I discovered yoga to help recover from a knee injury. Since then, it has taken an important place in my life, becoming a real art of daily living through a practice centered on listening to the body and its emotions. In 2017, I went to India for yoga teacher training(RYT200 Yoga Alliance) as well as training in Nutrition, Ayurvedic Massages and Active Osho Meditation. Very influenced by De Gasquet’s method and by my Iyengar yoga practice, I teach Hatha Yoga where I pay particular attention to alignment and anchoring. I favor soft and held poses, listening to the inner music and breath, allowing a real physical and emotional letting go. I am currently training as a Sophrologist (IFS Catherine Aliotta Institute) to deepen my knowledge on the importance of physical and mental relaxation and the development of its potential and capacities.

ophélie yogapop

Ophélie Budka - Ashtanga

I discovered yoga in 2012 and more specifically Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with René Kubiak. I was immediately fascinated by this fluid, intense, precise and demanding practice. A few years later, in Paris, wishing to deepen my knowledge and my practice, I started a traditional training with Linda Munro and Gérald Disse. I was also fortunate to be able to attend workshops led by other inspiring teachers such as Chuck Miller, Ron Ried, Marla Meenakshi and Kino MacGregor. In 2017 I obtained the teacher diploma provided by Ashtanga Yoga Paris (RYT 200 Yoga Alliance). In my practice, I pay particular attention to the fluidity of breathing and alignment, but also to the quality of presence and the ability to feel and move.

emelie gooding yogapop

Emelie Gooding - Yin Yoga & Vinyasa

With degrees in music and Cuban & Afro-Cuban dance, I have always been fascinated by movement and the expression of body and mind. I discovered yoga about ten years ago and am now a Reiki Master Practitioner. I discovered Yoga Vinyasa in 2016 in Paris with teachers from all backgrounds and all nationalities. I trained with Gemma Vassallo and Tatiana Bourru (Earth Fly to Yoga 200H) and now offer Flow Vinyasa classes in Bordeaux and the surrounding area. I also offer in partnership YogaSurfCamp stays in Gironde as well as yoga and sophrology workshops for women suffering from endometriosis.

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Each teacher at Yoga Pop specializes in one or more forms of yoga or meditation : Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Pilates, Mindfulness … Don’t hesitate to embark on a mindful exploration of inner wealth and discover your body’s unsuspected resources via one or more of these practices !